Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jenny Mulder

Jenny Mulder is the owner of Sister Coffee. She's also a killer ceramicist, bubbling with a sick sense of humor, a great road tripper, an even better conversationalist, welcoming & without getting too cheesy, a down right ray of sunshine. 

Born & raised in California, Jenny really gets at the heart of what a California girl is. Well, at least what I imagine a California girl to be. Someone full of sun, someone who loves the outdoors, who's quick with a smile, has wild, gold hair, someone at ease. The type of gal the Beach Boys, the Mamas & The Papas, Carol King & a bevy of others before & since write songs about. They can't all be California girls, & I don't suppose all California girls are quite like Jenny, but boy, if only they were.

With plans to go see the latest Zac Effron movie - don't judge, k? - Jenny & I met up before hand for beers with Louie, her impossibly adorable Corgi, in tow. After downing a couple cold ones we made a pit stop at her house to do a little exploring. 

Her cozy house, tucked away in Cherrywood, is effortlessly appointed with odds & ins -- the type of goodies you only come across after ages of collecting: strange masks from travels in Central America, funny remnants gathered on bulk collection day, eclectic throw pillows tossed around & perfectly shabby rugs. Straight to business: we snapped a few pictures, played with the pups, prodded through her stash of beauty products, examined a few ceramic projects she's currently working on ... & then sped off to the movies. Not a minute of Zeffron to be missed.

My personal style is… a noncompliant member of a grunge art cult.

My style icons are… Isabella Rosalini, Pablo Picasso, Simone Weil's haircut, and RuPaul.

I’m inspired by… neglected things that are starting to turn shitty, comedy, the radio, Terry Gilliam, leaving my room - my house - the city.

If I lived in another era I’d choose… I'd be Calamity Jane in 1880.

The last book I read was… Can't and Won't by Lydia Davis

Right now I’m obsessed with… suminagashi (the art of Japanese marbling), young Elvis, Mexico City, the book UGLY: the aesthetics of everything, The Only Way Is Essex, and Magritte.

Lately I’ve been listening to… 60's mo-town.

When I’m at home I love to… soak in an epson salt bath when I get up in the morning and plan the day ahead.

If I were in a movie I’d be in… Female Trouble.

When I walk up to the bar I order… tequila.

My go-to beauty product is… WATER, I might not be the healthiest person I know, but I definitely am the most hydrated.  Also, I love Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap. It's soap that smells like dirt and I was overjoyed when I found it at the grocery store.

I’m crushing on…the supernova Zac Efron - burn bright but never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Brooklyn based ceramicist Isaac Nichols, also, my dog, Louie, and all the little sounds he makes when he wakes up.

The last time I surprised myself I… bought a flight to Mexico. 

On a sunny afternoon I love to… take Louie out to Bull Creek and give him a treat every time he tries to swim.

When I’ve got money to burn I head to… 10 Corso Como's website and buy their perfume. I like wearing it with Malin Goetz cannabis perfume oil - the two scents together are incredible. Sometimes I go to luckyscent.com and just dream-spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive perfumes. Or I'll drive down to San Antonio and thrift shop a whole new wardrobe for about $45.

Five things I can’t live without are… coffee, books, clay, gossip, color.

I feel most myself when... I'm daydreaming.