Thursday, August 23, 2012

Glade Hensel

    Glade Hensel is the owner of the paper goods and gift shop Paper Party and the creative mind behind Glademade, a handmade card company. She's also incredibly hard working, a thoughtful hostess, a keen business lady and a blast to share an afternoon cocktail with. 

On a drizzly Sunday afternoon, latte in hand, I headed over to Glade's to thumb through her Paper Party inventory and explore her amazing, art filled home. Something incredible is tucked in every corner of Glade's house - giant 70s fiber art, drippy ivy plants, prints from up and coming artists, hand made stuffed animals, little paper garlands, the list goes on... After soaking it all in we poked through her rad jewelry collection (In God We Trust, Mociun and Cheek-ie, oh my!), admired the lighting in her dreamy card studio, talked about her engagement drawing (yep, her sweet hubby proposed with a bad ass drawing of super powered rings, see it just below) 
and bonded over our shared admiration for the bathroom. What better place to spend the afternoon than the room that houses all your pretty jewelry, rad nail polishes and a bit of quiet?

My personal style is…Girly and dressy, but ready to make a mess. 

My style icons areHello Sandwich, Emerson Fry, Tavi Gevinson. Man, all bloggers!

I’m inspired by…swimming at dusk, the rain; water gives me peace. All my friends are an inspiration to me. They are finding their own way in the world.

If I lived in another era I’d choose…the age of Aquarius. How would I survive without the internet if I lived in another era? Right here, right now; that’s the good stuff.

The last book I read was…Kramer Sutra by Chelsea Martin. It’s a hilarious illustrated collection of the Seinfeld character’s life events during one season of the show.

Right now I’m obsessed withPaper Party! I find myself lying awake at night thinking of all the details of making an awesome shop.

Lately I’ve been listening to…Deep Time, Stereolab, Yacht, Beach House, This American Life, the news on KUT (Austin’s NPR station), and my favorite music radio show Jamaican Gold that comes on KOOP every Sunday at noon followed by another great show Hip Hop Hooray. I <3 radio!

When I’m at home I love to…watch TV, blog, cook, work on cards in my home studio, play dress up, and generally make a mess.

If I were in a movie I’d be in…The Huddsucker Proxy – Tim Robbin’s character…”You know for kids.” He was an optimistic idea man.

When I walk up to the bar I order…a Shiner Ruby Redbird or a Moscow Mule. I can never have too much ginger.

My go-to beauty product is…Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I got poison ivy last year and asked my friends what I should do. Several people told me to try this face mask. While it was helping to relieve my poison ivy, it also gave me soft skin. Now I use the stuff at least once a week. A daily product I use is Earth Science almond-aloe moisturizer.

I’m crushing on…the Mass Gallery’s Pinterest Shop board. Since I’ve been setting up Paper Party on a small budget, it seems like Mass is dreaming big.

On a sunny afternoon I love to…go swimming in Barton Springs pool. Barton Springs is definitely one of my favorite things about living in Austin.

When I’ve got money to burn I head to…Whole Foods to get ingredients for a delicious meal and some dark chocolate for dessert, Blue Velvet for clothes, or the Alamo Drafthouse to catch a movie.

The last time I surprised myself I…slept in until 1pm. Normally I wake up around 8 am. I actually woke up feeling really refreshed. No regrets.

Five things I can’t live without are
-Wedding ring.  It matches my hub’s custom Mociun ring.
-Danskos. What can I say; they are the most comfortable shoes.
-iPhone. Is this on everyone’s list?
-Good Belly (probiotics). Nerd answer, but I’m all about feeling good.
-H&M rope belt. I wear it with everything.

I feel most myself when I am…brainstorming and coming up with new ideas or physically creating something.


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