Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christa Palazzolo

Christa Palazzolo is a ferociously talented musician -- she's half of the lady powered chill wave duo Boy Friend, a member of the much loved electro pop group Belaire -- and an impeccable painter. Not to mention, a dog person, an identical twin, a lover of all things outdoors, a great laugher, a woman of amazing style and an all around sweetheart.

Over breakfast tacos (black bean and cheese, please) and coffee, we chatted about the importance of proper bra sizing, the magical (read: addictive) powers of eBay, her upcoming European tour with Boy Friend, and how mean New York is to your shoes. While digging through her closet hunting for her favorite pieces we came across a neglected Vena Cava wrap top, an incredible vintage acid washed denim jacket equipped with fringe and a sequined Texas patch smack in the middle of the back, a bevy of threadbare vintage t-shirt gems, some much loved L.D. Tuttle sandals, black ankle boots, a few yin-yangs, and a gifted Marcel Dzama drawing. Lucky!

My personal style is... a mixture of dark/light contrast, muted vintage & weird statement pieces that stand out without a lot of makeup or jewelry. I love to play with shapes & textures - be it roughly-cut cotton, velvet, fringe or sequins. I don't like to take myself too seriously, so throwing a cut-off shirt over a pair of dark skinny jeans & ankle boots usually makes me super happy - I very rarely go "girly."

My style icons are… Patti Smith, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cher, Chloe Sevigny, Sofia Coppola.

I’m inspired by… music, nature, really passionate people, creative communities, positive attitudes.

If I lived in another era I’d choose… EASY! The 70’s.

The last book I read was… Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon.

Right now I’m obsessed with… collars & eyebrows.

Lately I’ve been listening to… Tamaryn, Grimes, Soft Moon, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Tanlines.

When I’m at home I love to… play music, eat constant snacks, tidy up, watch movies & get some grooming in.

If I were in a movie I’d be in… Antonioni's Eclipse. Monica Vitti!

When I walk up to the bar I order… whiskey with a splash of water.

My go-to beauty product is… Make Up For Ever 507, matte deep berry red lipstick.

I’m crushing on… the entire continent of Europe at the moment.

On a sunny afternoon I love to… lay in the sun with a cold beer.

When I’ve got money to burn I head to… – or Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin.

Five things I can’t live without are… I could probably live without these things because they’re just things, BUT, I love them dearly:

My Moog & Alesis HR-16B drum machine.

My little heart-shaped locket necklace.

My beat up perfectly-formed 80’s leather ankle boots found on eBay.

My ridiculous fringed TX-sequined jean jacket (from Las Cruxes in Austin).

My silver Navajo turquoise ring.
I feel most myself when I am… swimming on a beach, playing soccer with friends, frantically trying to write a song, or sitting in front of a blank canvas.

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